Money Shot! (Brigid J. Ripley)
Money Shot!

Brigid J. Ripley

Lady Cardinals Lose Heartbreaker To Bayfield

October 21, 2014

The South Shore Lady Cardinals faced off against the Bayfield Trollers at 7:00 P.M. on Tuesday, 21 October in the WIAA playoffs.  It was over before 8:00, a disappointing three straight loss to the Trollers.  That’s not to say, however, that there weren’t some amazing moments.  Senior Megan Gustafson and junior Casey Nicoletti had some spectacular spikes and beautiful blocks and were supported by seniors Makayla Lovejoy, Megan Smith and junior Morgan Sorenson with some timely digs and net time of their own.  The team fought hard and two of the games were very close.  A good effort by the Cardinals.  Good luck next season!

Brigid J. Ripley
POCOHO_10.21.14_Gustafson6 POCOHO_10.21.14_Gustafson7 POCOHO_10.21.14_Gustafson8 POCOHO_10.21.14_Lovejoy POCOHO_10.21.14_Nicoletti6 POCOHO_10.21.14_Nicoletti7 POCOHO_10.21.14_Nicoletti8 POCOHO_10.21.14_Nicoletti9 POCOHO_10.21.14_Nicoletti10 POCOHO_10.21.14_Nicoletti11 POCOHO_10.21.14_Nicoletti12 POCOHO_10.21.14_Nicoletti13 POCOHO_10.21.14_Nicoletti14 POCOHO_10.21.14_Smith1 POCOHO_10.21.14_Thompson POCOHO_10.21.14_Time Out!Brigid J. Ripley
POCOHO_10.21.14_Gustafson1 POCOHO_10.21.14_Nicoletti1 POCOHO_10.21.14_Rock1 POCOHO_10.21.14_SorensonPOCOHO_10.21.14_GustafsonBrigid J. Ripley
POCOHO_10.21.14_Nicoletti POCOHO_10.21.14_Rock POCOHO_10.21.14_Smith

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