Would You Rather…


Makayla Lovejoy, Administator/reporter/photographer

A group of students were asked the question below, and here are their responses.

Would You Rather… Pick out of a hat the year that you die, or how you would die?

Shauna Kavajecz states, “Pick out of a hat because…”

Kellie Rock thought, “I would rather pick the year I would die because then I could live life and do everything I want to do, and I would know how long I have to do everything.”

Sara Kangas said, “I would how I die because then you know when I die too.”

Rylee pondered, ‘”The year I die so I could plan what I want to do, like finish my bucket list.”

Megan Gustafson thought, “The year I die, because then I could plan out a painless death the day before.”

Kyle Pederson discussed, “How I die, then I can plan…”