Dia de la Raza Spanish Celebration


Sara Kangas, Writer

On October 13th 2014 Ms. Ripley’s Information Processing class traveled to the Spanish room to make arepas, a traditional Spanish food with the 8th grade Spanish class. Before going to cook the arepas, Ms. Ripley’s class was assigned teams to make a poster about the history and facts of Dia de la Raza. The arepas were made to celebrate Dia de la Raza, a Hispanic celebration that represents the founding of the Western Hemisphere. Many Spanish speaking people honor their culture and ancestors on this day by cooking cultural foods and dancing. Arepas are an easy and yummy snack that consists of corn flour, water and salt. They are usually patted together like a patty after all the ingredients are mixed. They can be cooked in a deep fryer but a traditional way is to cook them in an inch of oil and flip until both sides are a medium crispy brown. They can be served plain or with many things such as: cinnamon and sugar, sugar, cream cheese or a sandwich with arepas as the bread. The two classes said they enjoyed listening to Spanish music and eating arepas with their friends.