Aquatic Biology Goes Charter Fishing


Megan Smith, Reporter/Photographer

On Wednesday September 24th, the aquatic biology class went to Bayfield to go on a charter fishing boat. It was a very eventful day with twenty fish caught all together. There were ten fish caught on each boat. In the first half an hour, the fish were biting like crazy. After that, there was about twenty minutes in between each fish. Out of the whole trip there was only one fish that was thrown back because it was too small, which is less than fifteen inches long. The only rules we had to go by were that it had to be over fifteen inches and only one could be over twenty five inches. Each person could only have three Lake Trout but five fish all together,  if we caught a Brown Trout.

Thank You to NERR (National Estuarine Research Reserve) for a grant that paid for are entire field trip. It was well worth it everybody who went caught at least two fish and we learned a lot on the boat.



Favorite moments:

Mitch: Ketchin’ Da fish

Zack: Ketchin” Da fish

Tate: Putting the life jacket on

Mikki: Catching the smallest fish

Zeke: Being the first person to catch a fish