Homecoming Queen in Texas Gives up Crown for a Bullied Teen

Megan Gustafson, Administrator/Reporter/Photographer

Every year, thousands of Homecoming queens are crowned at high schools around the world. But it’s not very often one hears about heartwarming story like this one. At Grand Prairie high school in Texas, the senior Homecoming queen Anahi Alvarez gave her crown to a fellow classmate named Lillian Skinner, who was tricked by some bullies into making her believe that she had been nominated for the homecoming court, even though she wasn’t. Anahi and her friend Naomi Martinez were both on the homecoming court and formed a plan weeks before the crowning, agreeing between themselves that if either of them were to win, they would give Lillian the crown. So, during the crowning ceremony, when Anahi was named queen, she had Lillian announced to come to the middle of the field to receive the crown. While this was happening, Lillian was taking photographs for the school newspaper. She was shocked, later telling reporters “I was like, ‘My name is not on the poll. How is that possible?’” She also said that she shed tears of happiness.

Here are a couple of wonderful things these two girls said about Lillian:

“She’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever met,” Naomi said.

Anahi agreed, describing Lillian as “an amazing girl,” and “We need people in this world like Lilly.”

She also added “For me, I want to say and I will always say that Lilly won. I just ran in her place, in her position. When people ask me, ‘Were you homecoming queen?’ I say, ‘No, Lilly is homecoming queen.'”

The principal of the school went on to claim that events like these are what makes his job so special and that this moment was his most memorable.

Stories like these prove that crowns and titles aren’t as important as friendship and consideration for others. Those will be remembered for a lifetime.