Cross Country Captain’s Corner

Each month, we will be interviewing every sports’ captains. This article is high school cross country. The two captains are Blake Reijo, a senior, and Tristin Koehler, a senior.


Blake Reijo Interview-


Season Recap:

“We’ve had a pretty good season so far this year. South Shore has ran in five meets as of September 25th. The meets we have ran in are Bruce, Mellen, Hurley, Solon Springs, and Drummond. We have had a few injuries this year, nothing too major.”

Season Predictions:

“I Believe that we will all make it to Sectional Finals this year in Bruce, WI.”

What can the team do to improve?

“Our strategies for the meets. For example, we need to  make sure we aren’t running out too hard or starting too far ahead or even too far behind.”

Favorite game so far:

“Favorite meet so far would have to be Hurley, I had my best meet there. I ended up finishing third beating a kid I usually finish behind.”


Tristin Koehler Interview-


Season Recap:

 “Both the high school boys and girls Cross Country teams started off a little rough, but every meet our times get better and we get stronger as runners and athletes in general.”

Season Predictions:

“I think we can get conference champs again this year if we all keep running and working really hard. The girls team is strong, and I know we can accomplish our goals if we really push for it.”

What can the team do to improve?

“I am speaking for both teams when I say we know we need to work on our races. Even though Cross Country is an individual sport, the team score still matters. Every runner on a team counts, from the top runner to the last runner. Every person you pass and every person that passes you counts in a race. We need to work on finding a person in the race and either stay with them or pass them. If you pass them, then you just have to find the next person and do the same thing.”

Favorite meet so far:

“My favorite meet so far is the Solon Springs meet. I ran my personal best and I think everyone on the team did too. It’s hard, you know, being a senior and knowing this is my last Cross Country season with these amazing girls. So every race that I can accomplish a new personal best is probably going to be my favorite race.”