Senior… Who Would You Be?…


Megan Smith, Reporter

Times are constantly changing but wouldn’t it be fun to take a step back in time and experience a different way of life?  Old editions of the POCOHO news allowed us this opportunity.  

In 1973-1974 Mitchel Peter DeHate would have been Micheal W. Igo. This is based on descriptions of physical appearances rather than any of the answers given by the senior’s responses to questions.

Name: Mitchel DeHate
Nickname: Mitch
Birthday: 08/20/1996
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5’11 ½”
Food: Steak
Drink: Soda/pop
Color: Blue
Subject: Shop
Animal: Dog
Hero: Kevin Hart
Holiday: Christmas
Car: My truck
Song: I don’t know
Singer/Band: The Lacs
Teacher: Mr. Johnson
Saying: “Dude suckin’ at somethin’ is the first step to bein’ sorta good at something” – Unknown
T.V. Show: Breaking Bad
Pet Peeve: This Paper
Movie: Wanes World
Actor/Actress: Adam Sandler
Sport: Basketball
Best Habit: Not being caught
Worst Habit: Forgetting stuff
Pastime: Hunting & fishing
Strongest urge: To be done with these questions
Prediction for the world: Done-zo
Dream Girl: Casey
Future Plans: Tech school
Greatest Fear: Heights
Fondest memory: I don’t know
Hangout: The Shack
Favorite possession: Mitchel would not reply!
Most embarrassing moment: Mitchel would not reply!
Philosophy of life: “get ‘er done”

Mitchel Peter DeHate’s Look Alike…

Name: Micheal W. Igo
Nickname: Ajax
Birthday: 10/24/1955
Hair: Black
Eyes: ——————
Height: 5’ 10”
Food: ¼ pounder with cheese
Drink: I can’t tell you
Color: Red
Subject: Mechanics
Animal: ——————
Hero: ——————
Holiday: X-mas
Car: ‘Olds
Song: Scrub Board Blues
Singer: Grand Funk Railroad
Teacher: Coach Meyer
Saying: o’ ya
T.V. Show: Pink Panther
Pet Peeve: Taking tests
Movie: Deep Throat
Actor/Actress: Linda Lovelace
Sport: ——————
Best Habit: ——————
Worst Habit: ——————
Pastime: Wrecking cars
Strongest urge: Show Kevin how to change oil
Prediction for the world: Someday Kevin will be the best Toyota mechanic around
Dream Girl: M
Future Plans: M
Greatest Fear: ——————
Fondest memory: Senior party
Hangout: Red Motel
Favorite possession: M
Most embarrassing moment: When Russ said – “hey look”
Philosophy of life:??????????