Twenty New Students At South Shore?!?

Dianna Reijo, Cardinal Report Writer

This school year at South Shore brings with it a few new staff members and twenty (yes, twenty) new students!  We are very glad to accept these new “additions” to our school district.  Numbers like this have not been associated with our district in recent memory.  Generally South Shore averages two to three new students a year, so this unexpected blessing of twenty is very welcome.


Our new staff members are:  Brigid J. Ripley in business education (and daughter to our Spanish teacher, Brigid Ripley), Kris Lazorik is our new English teacher, Patty Lehman is our new elementary/vocal music teacher, and Tom Martin is our new school counselor.  We are very excited to have these new staff members with us this year!  Another change is that Marla Lahti has become our new special education teacher in the middle/high school.  Previously, Marla was the business education teacher.  Ryan Tiberg is our new athletic director.


We have a lot to be proud of in our great district.  South Shore Elementary and South Shore Jr/Sr High School once again achieved the School of Recognition award (South Shore Elementary for eight straight years, and South Shore Jr/Sr High School for eleven straight years).  Our new (and returning) people, combined with our perennial high performance, makes for a great combination!  Have a great autumn!