Matthew Knaack


  • What has been the highlight of your senior year?   My highlight of senior year is so hard to choose because it has all been fun but I would probably have to go with our homecoming game against Mellen because it was a beautiful day and there was a huge crowd. It was even better cause when we played Mellen earlier in the year they beat us by 30 or so then when we almost scored 100 on them it was great.

  • What advice do you have for incoming freshmen?   Some advice for incoming freshmen is have respect for everyone, you do not have to like everyone but treat everyone with respect especially the upperclassmen and teachers.

  • What is your favorite memory at South Shore?   My favorite memory at South Shore is junior year in my natural resources class when Carter, Leevi, Conner, and I cut down a tree that was around 100 feet tall with a little 8 inch folding hand saw. Or, my first year of high school basketball when I scored my first varsity point. I had been on the bench for varsity for the entire season being put in here and there, but it was one of the last games of the season and I got put in when it was double bonus and I had gotten fouled. I stepped up to the line and made the first one and all of the varsity guys went crazy and a bunch of people in the stands too.

  • What are your plans after high school?   My plans after high school is to do a little bit of studying abroad and then continue my education at the University of Wisconsin Stout. I am still undecided on what I want to major in but I still have plenty of time to figure that out.

  • What is the best advice you were ever given?   Some of the best advice I was ever given was having good eye contact and a firm but not super firm grip during a handshake otherwise the other person might see it as a form of intimidation, from Mr. Tribys himself.