Middle School All Conference Band


Pictured Top: Sylas Jardine Middle: Sophie Truchon, Addisen Wehrman Bottom: Idella Wilcox, Hal Amundson

McKenna Coy, Reporter

This year, on January 10th, five middle school band members were chosen to participate in the All-Conference Band. These select few were: Sylas Jardine, Idella Wilcox, Sophia Truchon, Hal Admundson, and Addisen Wehrman. Conducted by Dr. Steven Siegel, the band played three pieces: Night Fury by Carol Brittin Chambers, Serenade by Rober Sheldon, and Groovee! By Richard L. Saucedo. Jodi Truchon commented, “They played wonderfully with lots of energy.” Everyone had a great experience and had lots of fun. Sylas mentioned, “Dr. Siegel is a really good director and the pieces were fun and challenging. Everyone was really nice.” We hope to continue this amazing experience for our students so they have more opportunities to continue to learn and grow.