Veteran’s Day 2022


Emily Montgomery, Reporter

On November 10th, 2022 we celebrated Veteran’s Day a little bit differently from past years. The high school Civics class was very gracious to make informative posters about Veteran’s Day and displayed them in the commons. The elementary students used their artistic skills and made signs and drawings to decorate the school in honor of the veterans. That morning at 8:30am students 7-12 got the opportunity to talk and visit with the veterans themselves, coffee and donuts were provided. Afterwards, Mrs. Mikula called all the students and staff into the gymnasium for an assembly. To start off the assembly some of the elementary classes sang wonderfully for the veterans. Mrs. Mikula then explained what Veteran’s Day was all about and told personal stories of her grandfather, who was a veteran. Then, four Freshmen girls performed the national anthem in sign language. To end the assembly, IT director, Brian Chamberlin (Air Force Veteran) gave a wonderful speech about his experiences in the military. This year’s celebration is going to be hard to beat next year!




Elementary Choir
Brian Chamberlin