New Staff Members 2022-2023

McKenna Coy, Reporter

So many new faces this year!  South Shore offered more new job openings than other typical years. These new employees are excited to make this year great and be a part of our community. We have nine new staff members who are all here for different positions! Our new hires include: 


  • Zach Albert – Bus Driver
  • Danielle Mikula – Superintendent
  • Michelle Simpson – Principal
  • Dana Brown – 4K Teacher
  • Michelle Duckworth – Bus Driver and Special Ed. Paraprofessional


  • Tiiara Lahti – Special Ed. Assistant and Daycare Supervisor
  • Renee Meyer – Reading Corps Tutor 
  • Megan Peterson – Special Ed. Support Diagnostic Technician
  • Bev Tapani – Special Ed. Paraprofessional

(This list includes positions contracted services through CESA.)


Many of our new staff were interviewed and asked the same questions regarding how they feel the year has gone so far, what their favorite parts of their job are, and some personal background. One question was, “How do you feel about being here right now?” Surprisingly, everyone answered the same way. They all said that being here “feels like home.” Other interesting statements include: “I love working with the children the most” – Michelle Duckworth. “The school’s main priority is the students, and I love that” – Danielle Mikula. 


South Shore is so excited to get to know these new lovely people and want to welcome them as well. We want them to feel a part of us – our school and our community. So let’s give them a warm welcome!


Zach Albert
Danielle Mikula
Michelle Simpson





Michelle Duckworth
Tiiara Lahti
Bev Tapani













(Others not pictured)