2022 Gunderson Invite, Mercer WI


Emily Montgomery, Paige Lahti, Daniel Truchon, Maggie Ostrenga, Lily Truchon

Emily Montgomery, Editor

On September 15, 2022 both the middle school and high school cross country teams traveled to Mercer, WI for the Gunderson invite. This was one of the 3 conference meets where high school runners can be selected for All Conference. The meet was held at Mecca Ski Trails, just south of Mercer. The middle school race is 1.5 miles and the high school race is 3 miles. Congratulations to all runners on an outstanding meet!

Middle School Girls



Sophia Truchon (8th Grade) 1st Place 11:28
Idella Wilcox (7th Grade) 11th Place 14:12
Addisen Werhman (8th Grade) 17th Place 15:22


Middle School Boys



John Truchon (6th Grade) 12th Place 12:20
Mason Lahti (5th Grade) 15th Place 12:40
Sylas Jardine (8th Grade) 18th Place 13:10
Eli Ciembronowicz (6th Grade) 20th Place 13:37
Xander Wilcox (6th Grade) 23rd Place 14:01
Middle school girls and boys start their race!


High School Girls



Lily Truchon (Senior) 2nd Place 24:39
Paige Lahti (Junior) 5th Place 25:23
Emily Montgomery (Junior) 7th Place 25:55
Maggie Ostrenga (Senior) 15th Place 29:47


High School Boys



Daniel Truchon (Sophomore) 8th Place 20:42