Senior Profiles


Name: Mitch Dehate

Birthday: August 20

Nickname: Mitch

Town: Tripp



Sport: Basketball

Holiday: Christmas

Place: Around

Animal: Dog

Vehicle: Truck

Teacher: Mr. Johnson

Class: Shop

Color: Blue

Food: Steak

Lucky Number: 7

Cereal: Reese’s Puffs

Flowers: Angel Trumpets

Drink: Pop

Hobby: Hunting/Fishing

Movie: Rubber

Actor/Actress: Adam Sandler

TV Show: Breaking Bad

Cartoon Character: Goofy

Smell: Bacon

Friends: Everyone

Day of the Week: Saturday

One Wish: It’s a secret or else it won’t come true!

Greatest Fear: Heights

Most Embarrassing Moment: Hit the side of the backboard in a Basketball game

Pets: Dog/Fish

After High School: College

Advice to Underclassmen: Don’t suck

Quote: “Dude suckin’ at somethin’ is the first step to bein’ sorta good at somethin’.” -Unknown