2022 State Forensics


Quinn Soltis, Isaac Rantala, Gracelyn Lovejoy, Kiley Mueller, Azure Grant, Jacob Nollet

Isaac Rantala, Reporter

On April 9, the forensics team went to the state competition. This year the event was actually held at Deforest High School, instead of where it is usually held at UW Madison. Deforest is right outside of Madison. On the Friday before the competition, the forensics team traveled down to Deforest to stay at a hotel. They had to wake up early on Saturday morning to compete at 8:30. At state, there is only one round of competition. This means that each team member only had one chance to perform their piece. After the round, the participants all gathered in the commons area to exchange their score sheets for badges of the corresponding prize. At state, a score of 21-22 will earn a bronze badge, a 23-24 will earn silver, and a perfect score of 25 will earn gold. Of the South Shore team, Jacob, Quinn, and Gracelyn received scores of 25 and a gold badge. Izzy, Kiley, and Azure received silver badges. 

Not only did Quinn get a gold this year, she also

Forensics Team

received golds for every other year of her high school career. Because of this, she also received a gold medal for getting perfect scores at state for every competition she went to. This is the first time someone from South Shore has won this award. Congratulations, Quinn!

After the team received their awards, they went to visit the State Capitol Building in Madison. They also walked down State Street and saw a variety of street performers and businesses. It was nice for the team to walk around and appreciate the beautiful city of Madison, since most of them haven’t been there before. It’s been three years since the state competition was held in-person, so it was exciting to finally be able to go.

This was a great season for the forensics team, with all team members making it to state, and all team members getting perfect or near-perfect scores at the final competition. Congratulations to the forensics team!