2022 Solo & Ensemble


Back Left: Sylas Jardine, Peyton Jardine, Caden LaFontaine, Daniel Truchon, McKenna Coy. Middle left: Owen Bratley, Erica Johnson, Emma Curtis, Addy LaFontaine, Issac Rantala, Azure Grant, Eddie Pudas. Front Left: Sophia Truchon, Chalee Luzzatto, Lily Truchon, Kiley Mueller

Issac Rantala, Reporter

Solo and Ensemble took place on Saturday, March 26, at Ashland high school. Solo and Ensemble is an event where middle and high school music students can perform in front of a judge. These performances can be solos, duets, trios, etc., and they can be either vocal or instrumental. There were 18 participating students from South Shore. Here is a list of those students, along with what they performed:              


Caden LaFontaine: Cello Solo

Selah Swanson: Piano Solo

Lily Truchon: Vocal Solo

Lily Truchon: Alto Sax Solo

Isaac Rantala: Classical Vocal Solo

Isaac Rantala: Musical Theater Vocal Solo

Isaac Rantala: Trumpet Solo

Isaac & Kiley: Trumpet Duet

Kiley Mueller: Trumpet Solo

Peyton Jardine: Trombone Solo

Daniel Truchon: Trumpet Solo

Daniel Truchon: Classical Vocal Solo

Daniel Truchon: Musical Theater Vocal Solo

McKenna Coy: Flute Solo

McKenna Coy: Tenor Sax Solo

McKenna Coy: Classical Vocal Solo

McKenna Coy: Musical Theater Vocal Solo

Eddie Pudas: Classical Vocal Solo

Eddie Pudas: Musical Theater Vocal Solo

Azure Grant: Classical Vocal Solo

Azure Grant: Musical Theater Vocal Solo

Erica Johnson: Clarinet Solo

Erica Johnson: Vocal Solo

Erica, Lily N: Vocal Duet

Addy LaFontaine: Flute Solo

Chalee Luzzatto: Alto Sax Solo

Chalee Luzzatto: Vocal Solo

Sophie, Chalee, Addy Wehrman: Vocal Trio

Sophia Truchon: Clarinet Solo

Sophia Truchon: Classical Vocal Solo

Sylas Jardine: Bari Sax Solo

Sylas Jardine: Vocal Solo

Owen Bratley: Snare Solo

Emma Curtis: Vocal Solo

All of these students gave it their best in their performances, and they received scores and critiques from the judge. These critiques will help the students advance their musical talents as they continue to grow and perform.

Of the students above, the following made it to state: Caden LaFontaine (cello solo), Selah Swanson (piano solo), Lily Truchon (saxophone solo), Isaac Rantala (classical vocal solo and musical theater vocal solo),  Daniel Truchon (classical vocal solo and trumpet solo), McKenna Coy (classical vocal solo, musical theater vocal solo, and flute solo), Azure Grant (musical theater vocal solo). The state competition will be held on Saturday, May 7, at UW Eau Claire. Congratulations and good luck to the state qualifiers!