Would You Rather…


Makayla Lovejoy, Administrator/Reporter/Photographer

Nine students and staff at South Shore were asked, “Would you rather be double your weight or half your height?”


Alex Katchka thought… “Double my weight. I would rather be tall then short, even if it meant that I was heavy.”

Mrs.Lazorik said… “I would rather be half my height. I could put on a pair of stilts to be able to reach things. If I were double my weight, it would be virtually impossible to move.”

Sina Reichery replied… “Double my weight, because you can work on weight, but not height.”

Morgan Rock stated… “Double weight. You can always lose weight. It’s pretty hard to grow a lot.”

Mrs. Truchon responded… “Half my height, I don’t mind being short.”

Alyssa Kavajecz wrote… “Double my weight because I can always lose weight, but you can’t fix being short.”

Ms. Hoagland decided… “I would rather be double my weight. If I were half my height, I’m assuming I would maintain the same weight, so I would in effect, be doubling my weight according to my height.”

Tristin Wilcox determined… “I would be double my weight because I can just burn off the weight.”

Mr. Nelson pondered, “ Double my weight… I could lose the weight, but there is nothing you can do to get taller.”