South Shore Education Foundation Receives a Generous Donation From Glen Gadberry

Glen Gadberry

Glen Gadberry

Leila Tuura, Reporter

Glen Wayne Gadberry

September 3, 1945 – May 14, 2021


The South Shore Education Foundation recently received a generous donation from the will of Glen Gadberry. Glen, a friend to many in the community and across the world, passed away from pulmonary fibrosis in May of 2021. He held residence in Port Wing during the summers and made an impact on countless people’s lives around the area. Upon his passing, the South Shore Education Foundation received a $50,000 donation from his estate. 

The South Shore Education Foundation wishes to express their appreciation for Glen’s donation and share that they intend to put this money toward a good cause. Kevin Kavajecz, president of the Foundation, says, “The South Shore Education Foundation recently received a $50,000 bequest from the estate of Glen Gadberry. The Foundation would like to express our sincere gratitude to Glen and his family for this generous donation. In collaboration with Fred Weisz, executor of Glen’s estate, and the staff at the South Shore School District, the funds will be used to enhance educational opportunities for South Shore students through initiatives that align with Glen’s interests and passions.” While the specific intentions for the donation have not yet been decided, the Foundation is planning to utilize the funds in a way that Glen would support.

Glen Gadberry studied theater arts at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and taught courses on the history of theater, including research methods; his area of specialization was German theatre in the early twentieth century. He developed many hobbies throughout his life, including cooking and traveling, but most of his passion lay in opera and the performing arts. He was very connected to nature and valued culture. The South Shore Education Foundation, in collaboration with the staff at South Shore, will take all of this into consideration when they make use of his donation. With the money Glen bestowed to the Foundation, his legacy will live on, and he will continue to impact lives in our community. 

The Foundation has raised close to $500,000 for South Shore Schools since its establishment in 2005. The Foundation recently funded a grant to replace high-end computers in the Business Education department. The gift from Glen Gadberry’s estate will allow the Foundation to continue enhancing educational opportunities for students in the South Shore School District. If you wish to donate to the South Shore Education Foundation, you can contact them at PO Box 62, Port Wing WI 54865 or through Kevin Kavajecz at 715-774-3382. For more information on the Foundation, visit WWW.SSEF.US or their Facebook page.