Forensics Advances to State!


Quinn Soltis, Jacob Nollet, Isaac Rantala, Kiley Mueller, Gracelyn Lovejoy, Azure Grant

Isaac Rantala, Reporter

On Wednesday, March 23, the forensics team (Jacob Nollet, Quinn Soltis, Isaac Rantala, Kiley Mueller, Gracelyn Lovejoy, and Azure Grant) traveled to Northwestern High School to participate in the District competition. Two of the coaches, Ms. Franson and Ms. Kimball, were out sick on this day. This meant that Mrs. Lallemont was the only coach to accompany the team to Northwestern, but she also had to judge performances, so the students were kind of on their own at the competition. Azure Grant and Kiley Mueller had never been to an in-person forensics competition before this one, so it was a new experience for them. The students dispersed to different rooms for each of the three rounds, and they met in between each round to discuss how they did. 

The students were somewhat anxious throughout the event, because this is where they find out if they are going to advance to state. At the end of the night, Mrs. Lallemont approached the students with the scores in hand. Everyone was nervous, but eager to see the scores. Mrs. Lallemont paused and said, “Now before I give these to you, you need to promise me one thing.” This caused the students to become even more anxious and unsure if they made it to the next level. A chorus of “Oh no” filled the air. Mrs. Lallemont continued, “Promise that you will practice.” She then handed out the scores that determined that everyone was going to state! The students, filled with relief and happiness, cheered and congratulated each other. The state competition will take place on Saturday, April 9 in Madison Wi, and we are proud to be sending the entire South Shore team!