2022 Winter Banquet


Middle School Volleyball

Isaac Rantala, Reporter

On March 17, 2022, the Winter Banquet was held in the South Shore gymnasium to recognize the students that participated in extracurricular activities this winter. The activities showcased at the banquet were High Quiz Bowl, Middle School Volleyball, Middle School Boys Basketball, High School Girls Basketball, and High School Boys Basketball. The coach for each activity gave a speech about the accomplishments the team achieved this winter, and they acknowledged the individual students in each activity. For the high school teams, there were additional awards to give out. These awards were as follows:


Quiz Bowl:

Ethan Bratley: Lettered

Isaac Rantala: Lettered

Caden LaFontaine: Lettered

Kyla Smith: Lettered


Girls Basketball:

Alessia Miller: WBCA Team First award 

McKenna Coy: Lettered, Rookie of the Year award (Team Award)

Azure Grant: Lettered

Kiley Mueller: Lettered, Most Improved Player award (Team Award), All Conference Honorable Mention

Faith Whitmore-Langley: Lettered

Paige Lahti: Lettered

Emily Montgomery: Lettered, Workhorse award (Team Award), 2nd Team All Conference

Maggie Ostrenga: Lettered

Beau Reijo: Lettered, Defensive Player of the Year award (Team Award) 

Lily Truchon: Lettered, Offensive Player of the Year award (Team Award), 1st Team 

All Conference, WBCA Honorable Mention

Abby Lahti: Lettered, Senior award (Team Award), WBCA Team First award


Boys Basketball:

Sam Swanson: Lettered

Brady Lahti: Lettered

Peyton Jardine: Lettered

Conner Helenius: Lettered

Leevi Tapani: Lettered

Matt Knaack: Lettered

Will Watrin: Lettered

Carter Lulich: Lettered, Defensive MVP award (Team Award), 2nd Team All Conference

Ryan Knaack: Lettered

Ethan Helenius: Lettered, No Excuses award (Team Award)

Koy Nelson: Lettered, Offensive MVP award (Team Award), 1st Team All Conference, selected to the WBCA Division 5 All-State Team


There was also an academic letter to give out to one student at this banquet. That student was Gracelyn Lovejoy. To achieve this award, a student must do well in school, participate in a variety of extracurricular activities, and be generally involved in the school. A student must reach 150 points to get this letter. An ‘A’ on a report card is only worth 3 points, so it is a great accomplishment to receive this academic letter. 


Congratulations to all of the award-winners and participating students in South Shore’s winter extracurriculars!

Kiley Mueller receives her award