Grace Zupke


What was your favorite part of elementary school? My favorite part of elementary was that Ethan never shared the toys.

What do you want to go to college for? I would like to go to college as a vet technician.

Favorite hobbies? Riding horses and showing in 4-h.

Do you have any pets? I have six horses, cats, sheep, and a dog.

Was high school what you expected it to be?  high school started out as what I thought it would be and halfway into high school COVID was a thing and that kind of messed with the high school experience, and we actually only got one normal year of high school.

Biggest pet peeve? Slow drivers.

A dream you plan to fulfill in the next 5-10 years? I hope to graduate from college and be able to get a job at a vet clinic.

Something that you’ve always wanted to do? I have always wanted to travel the world and see different animals and habitats.

Best part of high school in your opinion? Best part was probably spirit week with all the competitions and games.

Something you have accomplished in high school that you are proud of? I am a 7x top ten winner at the gymkhana state 4-h horse show this year, down in Milwaukee Wisconsin.