South Shore Forensics Team Advances to Districts!


Isaac Rantala, Jacob Nollet, Quinn Soltis, Gracelyn Lovejoy

Isaac Rantala, Reporter

On March 1, the South Shore Forensics team traveled to Drummond high school to participate in the sub district competition. Four of the six forensics team members went to sub districts in person: Quinn Soltis, Jacob Nollet, Isaac Rantala, and Gracelyn Lovejoy. Kiley Mueller and Azure Grant elected to submit their sub district performances online, which remains an option this year for those who choose to use it. 

There are three rounds at sub districts. At the in-person competition, each student is assigned to a different room with a different judge for every round. This year at sub districts, there was only one round where two South Shore students were in the same room together. This meant that the South Shore students were split up and had to perform in front of a judge and about 4-5 other students from a variety of schools. After all three rounds, the participants receive their score sheets. In forensics, students are judged in 5 different categories, with 5 points per category. In order to advance to the district competition, a student must receive at least two scores that are 16/25 or higher. This year, everyone from South Shore made it to districts, with most students having scores in the 20s. 

The district competition will take place on March 23, at Northwestern high school. South Shore’s team will have to practice for the next few weeks to prepare for the next round of forensics, where they will have the chance to advance to the state competition. Good luck!