High Quiz Bowl Places Second Overall In The Regular Season


Ethan Bratley, Elliott Klavon, Caden LaFontaine, Kiley Mueller, Issac Rantala

Isaac Rantala, Reporter

This year’s High Quiz Bowl team placed second overall for the regular season! The team members consisted of seniors Caden LaFontaine and Kyla Smith, junior Isaac Rantala, sophomores Ethan Bratley and Kiley Mueller, and freshman Elliot Klayvon. The team won 9 of their 12 matches in the regular season, with average scores in the 60s. This level of performance has been rare in previous years, so congratulations to the team. With those 9 wins South Shore placed second out of the 12 schools, with Maple placing first with 10 wins. The total points South Shore accumulated over the season was 715 (Maple had 745). 

These placements also transferred to seeds for the tournament. Because of the high seed, South Shore got a bye for the first round, meaning they didn’t have to play until the next one. In the second round of the tournament, South Shore played Ashland, who had played and beaten Chequamegon in the first round. For this match, only two South Shore students were able to make it; Caden LaFontaine and Isaac Rantala. Nevertheless, South Shore went toe-to-toe with Ashland’s full team of four. The points were very even for the whole match, until it ended with a tie at 75-75. This meant that we needed to go into overtime, where there would be 10 more questions—5 for each school, unless someone passes a question. During overtime, South Shore got two questions wrong, while Ashland got all of theirs right. South Shore therefore ended their run in the tournament with a score of 100-80, which is still a very impressive number, especially with only two team members. 

Congratulations to the Quiz Bowl team for their performance in the tournament, and especially in the regular season this year!