Ryan Knaack


Where are you going after high school? Signing with the Air Guards, then hopefully attending UMD for civil engineering.

What is your favorite sport? Football all the way.

What made you decide to get a mullet for your senior year? I’ve wanted to have one for a while and I finally decided to SEND IT and get one, especially for football season.

What is your favorite subject in school? Gym for sure, but for an actual subject, math.

What are you proud of? My baby, Rhonda. A sparkly blue, 2008 Honda pilot.

Where do you imagine yourself 10 years from now? Hopefully with a good job, living on good land in a decent house.

What are your goals? Make it through college, get a good paying and stable job, own at least 80 acres, and raise good kids that also enjoy the outdoors.

What are your hobbies? I love watching football, going hunting or fishing, riding my dirtbike, snowmobiling, hanging out with friends, and working as well.

Do you have a job, if so, where do you work? I’m a Lawn Tech at Guardian Pest Solutions in Superior, WI. I’ve had a job there for about 8 months now, it’s a great family owned company that gave me an opportunity that not many other 16 year old’s get. I plan on working for them during college as well.

How did it feel to win the first game in 30 years? It felt great, I threw for 300+ yards and 5 touchdowns that game so that felt awesome. But it helps when you have one of the best receivers in the league, Will Watrin, on your team. I basically just launched the ball out there and he burned the defenders and caught the ball for a TD. It really sucked with my shoulder injury on our third game that took me out of playing offense for the rest of that game and 3 other full games including our only home game. I’m glad I was able to get back in for the last game. Even though we didn’t win a lot of games. It was a great season with a great team.