Norvado Presents Check to South Shore


Dave Olson and Ryan Tiberg

Chad Mix, Norvado

To turn the page on 2020 and help make health and wellness a priority for 2021, Norvado challenged its employees to commit to recording one mile of exercise per day, setting a company goal of reaching 20,210 miles between January 1 and October 31. Norvado employees shattered the target, reporting 22,023 miles of walking, running, hiking, biking, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing over the 10-month period.

To further incentivize employees, Norvado pledged to contribute 10 cents per mile, ultimately raising $2,250, which they donated to five local school districts to support and improve student fitness facilities. Last month, Norvado presented $450 to the following school districts: School District of Phillips; Prentice School District; Drummond Area School District; South Shore School District; and School District of Maple.

“After everything that our communities had been through in 2020, we wanted to put the year behind us and what better way than to focus on our health and wellness,” said Chad Young, CEO, Norvado. “We wanted to make 2021 ten times better—so we created a goal of logging 20,210 miles of exercise in 10 months. I’m so proud to say that our Norvado family blew away that goal, beating it by nearly 2,000 miles. And not only have we improved our own physical and mental fitness, but we were also able to give back to the communities that support us. We were thrilled to donate $450 to each of the school districts in our service area to help students reach their fitness goals.”