Art Spotlight: The Memory Project



Koy Nelson and Conner Helenius learn to shade their drawings.

Leila Tuura, Reporter

South Shore’s high school art students are challenging themselves this year by participating in The Memory Project. This is South Shore’s second year doing this project. The Memory Project is a non-profit organization that allows art teachers and students to create portraits for children around the world who have faced substantial challenges. It was founded in 2004 and has provided the opportunity for over 160,000 portraits to be distributed to many different countries. The South Shore art students volunteered to draw portraits for children in Nigeria. Each student was provided with an image of a child and other information, such as favorite colors and dream jobs, to help personalize their artwork. The process for creating these portraits is very open-ended, as students can choose to create just a portrait of a child’s face or an inspiration piece incorporating the personal information they received. An inspiration piece could include a collage of words and pictures of the child’s hobbies, an image of the child in their dream job position, or anything else the artist felt inspired to create. In total, South Shore will be providing 35 portraits to The Memory Project.

Ethan Helenius and Kyla Smith work on sketching the outlines of their portrait.