Halloween Fun


Pictured: Shaliyah Lovejoy, Alessia Miller, McKenna Coy, Natalia Greene, Eddie Pudas

Leila Tuura, Reporter

On October 29, 2021, the students and staff of South Shore wore their Halloween costumes to school. The elementary students sported a variety of costumes, ranging from superheroes to cowboys to tacos. To get into the Halloween spirit and show off their outfits, the elementary students had a parade outside on the track. 

On the other end of the building, the middle and high school students were busy carving pumpkins. The school purchased a truckload of pumpkins and every student had the opportunity to carve one with the design of their choice. Some students went with more minimalist designs, while others spent a whole 45 minutes creating their Jack-O’-Lanterns. After this, the classes participated in a glow-in-the-dark “dragon ball” tournament in the gym. It proved to be more difficult than most people imagined, since the balls were hard to see and dodge, but every class had a lot of fun. The staff even arranged a team and played against the freshman class. The freshmen came out with a win and moved on to play the seniors for the championship game. This last game ended in a tie.

The Elementary shows off their awesome costumes