An Introduction to Mr. Read


Pictured: Mr. Read

Natalia Greene, Reporter

Mr. Read participated in an interview to help us get to know him better. Mr. Read has been reading in the elementary classrooms at South Shore for the past five years. The original idea of “Mr. Read” came from our District Administrator, Mr. Clendon Gustafson. Mr. Read was the cousin of Mr. Gustafson’s cousin who was a pirate with an endless supply of candy. Mr. Read loved reading and giving candy to the children, so he combined both of them and started to come into classrooms to read and pass out candy to the children. The children seem to enjoy the readings, especially the candy part of it along with when Mr. Read’s bunny, Bunny, comes to interrupt their readings. He hopes that the older kids go out and look for the other books in the series that he reads to them. The younger kids enjoy re-reading the books, so he hopes that they will go to the library and check them out to read themselves. The overall goal of the readings is to instill the love for reading in children and encourage them to go out and read on their own. Covid has had an effect on Mr. Read’s normal schedule and routine. He is now virtual and records the readings, puts them in an online folder where teachers can access them, and leaves candy in the teachers mailboxes so they can pass it out when they finish watching his recorded readings.