South Shore Re-Welcomes Homecoming Week


Will Watrin, Jacob Nollet, Brady Lahti, Denny Lind, Matthew Knaack, Carter Ray

Emily Montgomery, Editor

Seniors & Juniors vs. Sophomores & Freshmen
2021 Homecoming Court

From October 11-16, 2021 South Shore hosted the first Homecoming week/football game in approximatly 30 years! Homecoming week is a special tradition in most schools to welcome back students and staff to a new school year. During the week of Homecoming each day was given a different topic for dressing up. The week started with Monday being pajama day, Tuesday was hippie day, Wednesday being western day, Thursday was Jersey day and powder-puff, and we ended the school week with Friday being pink out, followed by the boys volleyball game and the high school pink out volleyball game at 7pm. Saturday was the Homecoming football game against Washburn, which started at 2pm followed by the Homecoming dance at 7:30pm. South Shore played an awesome game and started out strong but lost to Washburn in the end. The 2021 Homecoming court was made up of Freshmen: Brady Lahti and Azure Grant, Sophomores: Carter Ray and Gracelyn Lovejoy, Juniors: Conner Helenius and Maggie Ostrenga, Seniors: Jacob Nollet and Natalie Golly. The winners of Homecoming king and queen were Jacob Nollet and Azure Grant. Congratulations to the football team on an awesome season!