Junior Will Watrin is #1 in the State for Kickoff Returns


Pictured: Will Watrin, Matthew Knaack, Leevi Tapani, Carter Lulich

Leila Tuura, Reporter

#4 Will Watrin goes in for the tackle

This fall, South Shore had the opportunity to have their own high school football team for the first time in about 30 years. 17 students joined and they were excited to have the chance to play competitive football against other schools in the area. The team was placed in the Independent 8-player football league. One player, Will Watrin, had an exceptional season because of his determination and talent for football. Will, sporting the jersey number 4, is currently a junior at South Shore. This season, he led the state in kick return yards with a total of 530 yards. These 530 yards came from 14 kick returns and he managed to score 7 touchdowns during these kick returns alone. This is an amazing accomplishment! It isn’t the only area of Will’s football expertise, though. He also ranked very high in rushing yards, receiving yards, and number of tackles throughout the season. The football team will be lucky to play with him again next year. Congratulations, Will!