Investigating Red-Winged Blackbirds


Diana Reijo, Administrative Assistant

The 3rd and 4th grade classes are collaborating on a science unit which focuses
on the study of red-winged blackbirds. Part of the study involves making
observations and collecting data on the birds which live abundantly in the
wetlands near our school from early spring through mid-October. On September
30th, the classes hiked and used kayaks to explore the birds’ habitat, search for
nests, and any signs of the birds themselves. The 3rd graders were successful
in seeing a red-winged blackbird from a distance. Many other creatures and
plants were identified along the way.
Many thanks to Ian Meeker and Superior Adventures for providing the kayaks,
gear, and guiding the classes on the exploration. The birds are now migrating to
warmer climates for the winter. The classes will conduct their research by foot
and kayak again in the spring with hopes to see the birds when they return to
nest near the wetlands.