Prom 2021: A Starry Night


Mari Greene, Editor

On Saturday, May 15th, the South Shore juniors and seniors put on the annual prom. Due to school being shut down last spring, the then-juniors (this year’s seniors) were unable to put on their class prom, so the juniors asked them to work together to put on the dance this year. This year’s theme was “A Starry Night,” and the dance was held at the Northern Pines Golf Course in Iron River. Since the two classes worked together, there were two prom courts. The grand march was held outdoors, so that parents and family could watch the march and coronation. The seniors were crowned first, who then crowned the juniors. So… Who was prom royalty?

For the senior class, Jake Winge and Chloe Sipsas were voted and crowned as prince and princess and Matt Montgomery and Taylor Nicoletti were crowned king and queen. Since there are more students in the junior class, they chose to crown a duke and duchess as well. Caden LaFontaine and Natalie Golly were crowned duke and duchess. Koy Nelson and Mari Greene were crowned prince and princess, and Ryan Knaack and Abby Lahti won prom king and queen. Congratulations!

After coronation, the night was complete with dancing, music, and even a s’mores station outside! The classes of 2021 and 2022 would like to give special thanks to their advisors, Marla Lahti, Kathy Irwin, Ryan Tiberg, and Jodi Truchon, who all were a huge part of making the dance the success that it was.


*Masks were not required outdoors where the grand march and coronation ceremony took place.