2021 National Honor Society Induction Ceremony


Left to right: Kyla Smith, Caden LaFontaine, Abby Lahti, Leila Tuura, Natalie Golly, Natalie Knaack, Taylor Nicoletti, Matthew Knaack, Koy Nelson

Mari Greene, Editor

On Wednesday, April 14, six juniors from South Shore were inducted into the National Honor Society. In order to be accepted, you must have a grade point average above 3.5 and you must write a short essay. They make their selection based off of these along with other criteria, such as character, leadership, community service, and more. 

The six juniors were Kyla Smith, Caden LaFontaine, Abby Lahti, Natalie Golly, Koy Nelson, and Leila Tuura. These students were welcomed into the National Honor Society by existing members from South Shore: Seniors Matthew Montgomery, Taylor Nicoletti, and Natalie Knaack. Congratulations on your acceptance!