Spirit Week 2021


Mari Greene, Editor

During the week of March 1-5, South Shore held our annual Spirit Week. Throughout the week, each day has a theme, and on some days different classes had different specific prompts to dress to. At the end of each day, judges picked their top three classes based off of class participation, creativity, and how well they dressed according to the theme. The winning class received five points, second place received three points, and third place received one point. The judges also picked individual winners, whose points went towards their class total. First place received one point, second received two points, and third place received one point. At the end of the week, the team with the most points was declared the winner of Spirit Week and the class with the most South Shore Spirit! The winning class also received a large candy prize and, of course, bragging rights. Stay tuned to find out which class won!

Monday was Decade Day, and each class was given a decade to dress as if they were in. The seniors had the 80s, juniors had the 70s, sophomores had the 60s, freshmen had the 50s, 8th grade had the 90s and the 7th grade had the pioneer days. For individuals, freshman Gracelyn Lovejoy took third place, junior Ryan Knaack took second, and senior Taylor Nicoletti took first place. The sophomore class took third place, the freshmen took second, and the seniors took first place. 

Tuesday was Color Day. The seniors had blue, juniors had pink, sophomores had orange, freshmen had black, 8th grade had green, and the 7th grade had yellow. Taking first place for individuals was junior Koy Nelson, followed by senior Alyssa Kobie in second, and eighth grader Daniel Truchon in third. The sophomores took third place overall, the seniors took second, and the juniors took first place. 

Wednesday was Destination Day. Each class was assigned a specific destination to dress up to go to. The seniors had “Day at the Beach in California,” juniors had “Rodeo Out West,” sophomores had “Skiing in the Alpines,” freshmen had “Hunting in Montana,” 8th grade had “Hiking/Camping in the Mountains,” and the 7th grade had “Scuba Diving in Florida.” The endless variations of costumes for the day was definitely a sight to see! Seventh grader Erika Johnson took first place in her scuba outfit, followed by sophomore Conner Helenius in his snowboarding gear and senior Jake Winge dressed for the beach in third. The juniors took third place, the sophomores took second, and the seventh grade took first place. 

Thursday was America Day. South Shore gathered together to show spirit not only for our school, but our country. Every single student participated in this theme. Sophomores Connor Helenius and Claire Geuze took first and second place, and eighth grader Brady Lahti took third. The sophomore class took first place dressed as aspects of the “American dream,” including the Statue of Liberty, a mock baseball game completed with popcorn, and a white picket fence. The seniors took second place, and the eighth grade took third. 

Friday was Spirit Day, and as expected, the students went all out! Sophomore Isaac Rantala took first place dressed as the principal, Mr. Gustafson. Second place was a tie between sophomore Matt Knaack and senior Matt Montgomery due to confusion with which “Matt” was announced (oops!), and junior Koy Nelson took third place. The sophomores took third place, dressed as different staff members around the school, followed by the juniors, who featured a boxing match between a South Shore cardinal (played by Koy Nelson) and the rival school’s mascot, a Washburn Castleguard (played by Ryan Knaack). The seniors took first place with their performance of riding a giant cardboard cardinal. 

On Friday, the students also got the afternoon off from their classes in order to compete in a poster-making competition and a dragonball tournament. When a class wasn’t in a dragonball match, they were allowed to go to their homerooms and make a poster that they felt represented their class spirit. The dragonball tournament was held between the two gyms, and the little gym was made into a glow-in-the-dark game, with glow in the dark balls and each player had to wear at least two glow stick necklaces or bracelets. The juniors won the poster-making competition and the sophomores and juniors tied in the dragonball tournament. 

Finally, at the end of the day on Friday, the winning classes were announced. The juniors came in third place, followed by the seniors. The sophomores came in first place, being declared the class with the most spirit this year. Congratulations, Class of 2023! Make sure to check out the photo gallery attached to this article to see all of the creativity, costumes, and, last but not least, South Shore Spirit!