Halloween Festivities 2020


Jake Winge

The Middle School Hallway

Mari Greene , Editor

On October 30, South Shore held their annual Halloween festivities. To kick the afternoon off, the middle and high school held a costume contest. Jacob Nollet took third dressed as a knight, Isaac Rantala took second dressed as Clark Kent, and Lily Nollet took first place, dressed as  the Mad Hatter. The eighth grade class won as a class for being the most dressed up. This year, there was also a hallway decorating contest, which the juniors won with their Pacman theme. 

After the costume contests, the high school classes went to each of their homerooms to watch a movie of their choice, since we could not intermingle the classes this year. The middle school held a Halloween carnival in the gym, with each grade going in at a separate time. View the gallery below to see all the fun!