2020-21 Sports Update


Pictured: Lily Truchon in the lead.

Mari Greene, Editor

On Monday, September 28, the Bayfield County Health Officer released a countywide restriction on interscholastic competitions and spectator events. The order went into effect on Saturday, October 3rd, 2020 and is planned to end on Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020. 

Initially, there was a board meeting to discuss the statement on September 28th, the day the statement was put out. At the meeting, there was discussion about partially going against the county’s recommendation and continuing South Shore’s fall sports and holding competitions outside of Bayfield County. This passed with a vote of 3-2, with two board members not present. 

This victory for our athletes was short-lived. On October 2nd, there was a sickness scare at the school, resulting in the cancellation of the volleyball game at Ironwood that night, and a day of virtual school on Monday. Following the events on October 2nd, a board meeting was held on the 3rd and it was decided that volleyball will be moving to the fall alternate season this spring, along with middle school boys basketball. MS girls basketball was already planned for the fall alternate season. A revised schedule is included at the end of this article*.  

On October 7th, the county made a revision to their original statement and now allows outdoor non-contact sports to continue their seasons, such as cross country and flag football. High school boys’ and girls’ basketball are set to start practice as previously scheduled and games will begin after the order is no longer in effect. Huge thank you to Ryan Tiberg, South Shore’s athletic director, for the information provided in this article.

* Revised 20-21 Sports Schedule

(All date are subject to change)