Midland’s Cash For Kids Program Donates to South Shore


Clendon Gustafson

The Midland Cash for Kids Program has been supporting students in local schools for several years. South Shore has benefited from their generosity. The funds are to be used to support students in the area of extra-curricular activities, such as clubs, arts, sports, music, etc.
These funds are gathered by Midland through their locations in Hurley, Mellen, Ashland, Washburn, MMP Lake Nebagamon, Iron River, and Brule Cenex C-Stores. When a customer purchases items in the Midland Cenex stores, the rebate can be given back to the customer, or the customer may indicate to the cashier that they want the rebate to “Go to South Shore” -those are the magic words that support our students.
Midland representative Steven Thurber presented South Shore administrator Clendon Gustafson with a check for South Shore in the amount of $11,744.88 on August 3, 2020. The South Shore School District is very grateful for the generosity of Midland Services and the people who have donated their rebates to South Shore!