Back to School 2020-21


Mari Greene, Editor

Welcome back, Cardinals!

     As you may know, the 2020-21 school year is a little different than the past. South Shore has made some adjustments due to Covid-19 to keep all students and staff as safe as possible. In addition to offering complete virtual instruction, there are many measures that have been put in place to allow students who chose to come to school to safely learn with face-to-face instruction. 

     This year, students are being given the option to stay home and attend school virtually. As of right now, students are using an application called Zoom to video chat with their classes live with their classmates attending face-to-face. Their assignments are posted on Google Classroom and they are on the same schedule as their classmates who chose to attend school. Teachers are also preparing their face-to-face students to switch to online learning in case school unexpectedly gets shut down again, similar to what happened in March. 

     For those who chose to attend school, things are very different than they have been in the past. One of the most obvious changes is that students and staff are required to wear masks inside the building, which is mandatory until at least September 28. All students are attending every day. Each class eats their breakfast in their homeroom, and classes have been separated for lunch as well. Students have also been given the option to eat lunch outside in camping chairs provided by the school. 

     In classrooms, tables and seats have been moved around so that students are as socially distanced as possible and there are extra cleaning hours to ensure that everything is thoroughly disinfected. South Shore is doing everything possible to keep both students and staff safe. 

     Although this year is different, we are glad to see everyone, whether it is behind a mask or through a screen. Have a great year, Cardinals!