South Shore 2020 Spirit Week


Mari Greene, Editor

From Monday, January 27th through Friday, January 31st, South Shore High School held their annual Spirit Week. Spirit Week is a competition between grades 7-12  to see which class has the most school spirit. Every day has a different theme, and at the end of the day, every grade gets judged based on class participation and how well they dressed according to the theme. There are also individual winners who get their points added to their class’s overall points. Throughout the week, points are added up, and at the end of the week, the class who wins will get to go bowling.

Monday’s theme was Biker Day. Leather jackets, boots, Harley Davidson t-shirts, fake tattoos, the students went all out! Some students interpreted the theme differently, dressing up as BMX bikers, or as a cycler, like Peyton Jardine, who took third place in the individual category. Trinadel Johnson took second, and Quinn Soltis took first. The sophomore class won first place, the juniors took second, and the eighth grade took third. 

Tuesday was Hippie Day. The seniors took first place, the freshmen took second, and the sophomores took third. For individuals, Doug Hipsher took first, Lily Truchon took second place, Mckenna Koy took third place. 

Wednesday was Cowboy Day. There are a lot of real cowboys and cowgirls here, so this theme was a piece of cake. For individuals, Brady Lahti got third place, Paige Lahti took second, and Maggie Mueller came in first. The sophomore class won first place, the juniors took second, and seniors took third. 

Thursday’s theme was Destination Day, and each class had a different “destination.” Students were supposed to dress as if they were going to travel to the destination assigned to their class. The seniors had the L.A. Spa, the juniors had the safari, the sophomores had Hawaii, the freshmen had fishing in Alaska, the eighth grade had hunting, and the seventh grade had the Grand Canyon. Savannah Warren won first place, Caden LaFontaine took second, and Aurora Grant got third. The eighth grade took first place, the sophomores took second, and the seventh grade took third. 

Friday was Spirit Day, where the students dressed in all of the South Shore Gear they could find, and in addition to dressing up, a basketball tournament and a tug-of-war tournament was held between the grades for additional points. There was also a pep rally, where the pep band played, students did cheers, and the middle school girls volleyball team and the boys and girls basketball teams were recognised. After the pep rally, the costume judging was held. The seventh grade took first, the sophomores took second, and the eighth grade took third. Alex Bartec took first place for individuals, followed by Alyssa Kobe and Quinn Soltis in second and third place. The tug-of-war tournament was next. The seniors took first place, the sophomores took second, and the juniors took third. Finally, it was time for the basketball tournament. The seniors won the tournament, followed by the juniors, then the sophomores. 

So… who won? After the points were all totaled up from the different days, the basketball tournament, and tug-of-war, the eighth grade took third place, the seniors took second, and the sophomores won South Shore’s 2020 Spirit Week. Congrats, class of 2022, have fun bowling!