Hurley Hits Back

Isaac Rantala, Reporter

On January 24, the South Shore high school boys basketball team traveled to Hurley for a game. JV played first at 5:45. The starters were Leevi Tapani, Izzy Rantala, Matt Knaack, Will Watrin, and Conner Helenius. They lost the tip, and Hurley brought a strong level of energy to the floor. Hurley’s crowd was more excited than ever, as it was their Homecoming game. South Shore tried to compete with their energy, and missing one player, they did fairly well for the first half. They ended up losing with the final score being 35-15. The main scorer was Conner Helenius. 

Varsity played next. The starters were Bjorn Branham, Douglas Hipsher, Holden Suo, Jake Winge, and Koy Nelson. They lost the tip but stole the ball seconds later. The game was tight. The lead fell back and forth, but South Shore lost with the final score being 55-49. South Shore spent the last 10 seconds of the game trying to foul the other team to get the ball back. They tried to get some more points at the end of the game, but Hurley kept them from doing it. South Shore will go to their next few practices to make sure they’re ready to take on Ironwood for their next game.