A Fight Against Ashland

Isaac Rantala, Reporter

On December 16, the South Shore High School’s boys basketball team played Ashland at home. The JV game was first at 5:45 pm. The starters were Will Watrin, Tad Davidson, Ethan Helenius, Leevi Tapani, and Matt Knaack. Will won the tip for South Shore. The main scorers were Ethan Helenius, Leevi Tapani, and Will Watrin. The team played hard on both offense and defense, but Ashland (a Division-3 school) ended up winning. South Shore did good for the JV of a Division-5 school. Playing against Ashland helped the JV team improve their skills, because playing against hard competition is a good way to get better. The players may have felt a little beat up about the loss, but next time they play Ashland, South Shore will be ready to take the win. 


The Varsity game was a bit more intense. In the first half, Ashland was ahead for the majority of the game, but in the second half, the score became uncomfortably close. South Shore executed their plays well and got people open for shots. They put up a lot of points, but sadly lost at the very end with a score of 80-82. It was upsetting to everyone, but they did extremely well and matched their competition all throughout the second half. Next time the two teams go head to head, South Shore has a high chance of bringing home a win. The main scorers were Carter Lulich, Douglas Hipsher, and Jake Winge. Ashland’s best player, Kevon Powell, was guarded heavily by Jake Winge. Jake focused on stopping Kevon from getting to the basket, and he did a very good job at slowing him down. All in all, it was a very intense game to watch for everyone there, and it pushed South Shore to play their very best basketball.