Wall of Fame Inductees


Austyn Lovejoy

William “Mike” Granlund, Susan Vojacek, Ted Kavajecz

Austyn Lovejoy, Editor in Chief

On November 7th at 6:30 the South Shore Education Foundation inducted three former South Shore students. The ceremony was held at the high school directly following the Harvest dinner. 


A Wall of Fame was established at South Shore Schools to recognize graduates who have distinguished themselves in one or more of the following areas: academics, athletics, service to others, business, or government. These individuals are recognized by the community at large and have been nominated for induction and authorized to receive this honor by the Wall of Fame Committee. This year the committee inducted 3 New Wall of Fame members. 


The first is Ted Kavajecz, Ted was a graduate of the class of 1955 and has been a lifetime investor and entrepreneur. His corporation is known as Island Investment Inc. and owns and operates properties through Wisconsin and Minnesota, focused in the hospitality business. Island Investment Inc. employs more than 400 people during peak seasons.  Island Investment Inc. is comprised of Ted, his wife Diane, son Rocky, and daughter Kim as voting members. The corporation has been a family operation from the beginning, with a recipe for success of “We”… Not … “Me”.

The second is Susan Vojacek, Susan was a graduate of The South Shore class of 1965 and graduate of the University of Superior Wisconsin as well. Susan was a teacher for the Northwestern School District for 22 years. In those 22 years she was awarded teacher of the year, And later became a W.I.T.C Glass Instructor. Susan and her husband have owned the Oulu Glass Gallery for 39 years and have been participants and supporters of the Shakopee Renaissance Festival and Apache Junction. She is a community volunteer in 4-H, an artist, and education foundation board member. Susan is a natural mentor and opportunity provider for area youth. 

 The last inductee is William “Mike” Granlund, Mike was a graduate of The South Shore class of  1968 and attended the University of Superior Wisconsin. While in school, Mike was class president and an honor student. He played many sports in high school including football, basketball, and men’s volleyball, he also had multiple letters and accomplishments in high school sports including 1,117 varsity basketball points scored. Mike has carried his love for sports through his life becoming a youth sports enthusiast and supporter , and 20 plus years of sports announcement. When asked what it meant to him to be added to the Wall of Fame he said it was very humbling and a great honor. He also mentioned that he was never looking for something like this and just really loved working with kids and basketball, and he considered himself to be like their “ basketball grandpa”. During his speech Mike mentioned that the small community at South Shore pushed him to be involved with everything and he has carried that into his adult life. 


Nominations for the WoF can be submitted January through March, and are reviewed in April before the final decision is made in June. If you have someone you would like to nominate please visit the site below and click nomination form in the middle ribbon. All nominees must have graduated from South Shore at least 10 years ago and show great accomplishment.