Halloween Hooray

Isaac Rantala, Reporter

On October 30th, the middle school and high school carved pumpkins, something they haven’t done since elementary. The middle schoolers carved before lunch, with different classes carving during different hours. The high school carved pumpkins during the last two class periods of the day. After everyone carved their pumpkins, they placed them on the sidewalk in front of the school. The winners of the pumpkin carving for middle school were: Daniel Truchon in third, Jed Lovejoy in second, and Gracelyn Lovejoy in first. For high school: Claire Geuze placed third, Leila Tuura placed second, and Aurora Grant placed first. There was also an honorable mention for Ethan Helenius and Joanne Mauritz on their shared pumpkin. Everyone enjoyed the pumpkin carving, as most people haven’t done it at school for a long time.


The next day, Halloween, was when everyone dressed up for the costume contest. The middle school and high school were judged separately, just like the pumpkin carving. For middle school, McKenna Coy placed third as a dead bride, Daniel Truchon placed second as a scuba diver, and Alexe Bartick placed first as Pennywise the clown. For highschool, Claire Geuze placed third as a character from the anime Naruto, Lily Truchon placed second as a jellyfish, and Natalie Knaack placed first as the Queen of Hearts. The two people who placed first in either event got to pick a bag of candy and three drinks of their choice from the vending machine. Even though not everyone placed in the events, everyone had a great time celebrating Halloween.