Cross Country to Home


Isaac Rantala, Reporter

On October first, South Shore hosted their home cross country meet at the Northern Pines Golf Course in Iron River. The team did exceptionally well, mostly placing as “Individuals,” because there weren’t enough runners in three of the four races to qualify for a team. In cross country, there needs to be five runners to have a team. For a small school, that can be hard. The other schools participating were Chequamegon-Park Falls, Phillips, Prentice, Solon Springs, Washburn, Drummond, Hurley, Mellen, Bruce, and Birchwood.


The Varsity boys placed in the top 75 out of 97 runners.


Varsity Boys Name Place Time
3 miles Bjorn Branham 43 21.30.8
Caden LaFontaine 49 21.42.3
Matthew Montgomery 63 22.01.3
Will Watrin 73 23.19.0


The Varsity girls placed in the top 25 out of 71 runners!


Varsity Girls Name Place Time
3 miles Lily Truchon 13 23.46.3
Abby Lahti 21 24.50.9
Natalie Knaack 24 25.07.0

The middle school boys ranked 3rd as a team, placing behind Ashland by only one point. Considering Ashland has double the amount of runners as South Shore, this is amazing. It should be noted that the MS boys beat Ashland at their home meet in August. 


Middle School Boys Name Place Time
1.5 miles Hayden Mieritz 12 12.55.4
Sam Swanson 15 13.14.5
Daniel Truchon 16 13.21.5
Peyton Jardine 17 13.21.8
Jed Lovejoy 25 14.02.0
Hunter Mieritz 38 14.27.3
Brady Lahti 44 14.39.7
Eddie Pudas 75 22.20.9


Last but definitely not least is the middle school girls. Even though there were only two of them, they both placed high in the standings. Paige placed second and Emily placed seventh out of 59 runners. That’s amazing!


Middle School Girls Name Place Time
1.5 miles Paige Lahti 2 13.29.7
Emily Montgomery 7 14.10.4


Overall, the meet went well for the participants and coaches. South Shore is also hosting the Sectional meet at the Northern Pines Golf Course. It has taken a long time for South Shore to get the course ready for Sectionals. “It took several years to prepare our home course to be ready for a sectional meet,” says cross country coach, Mrs. Lahti, “We finally achieved that last year and carried that into our meet this year. The other schools have expressed that they enjoy the course. Our South Shore athletes had a great race and look forward to running there again at the Sectional meet.” 

At the Sectional, South Shore will be competing against 23 different schools from Northern Wisconsin. The Sectional meet is on the 26th of October, so come support our team!!