Time to be Dramatic


Isaac Rantala, Reporter

Drama is starting this month! The middle school and high school are producing a musical for the first time this year. The musical is called The Taming of Katy Lou, and takes place in the wild west. Katy Lou’s father says that she must be married before her younger sister, Bianca, is. Katy Lou doesn’t want to be married at all, which seems unfair to her sister, Bianca, who does want to be married. 

Also, there are many changes this year. The production will be in April, instead of in fall like it has been. The cast will begin practices this month, and continue to have practices until April. This show will require a lot more dedication than already shown by the students because now, in addition to learning speaking lines, the cast will have to learn songs and choreography. This is also a forty-five minute production, making it longer than in recent years. Another new thing this year is that Ms. Franson will be the new assistant drama coach. 

If anyone is willing to help with either backstage, choreography, publicity or anything of the sort, you should talk to Mrs. Lallemont. This year is going to be a new and exciting experience for those in the play, and those who go to see it.

This years Cast list:

Deputy Joe: Leevi Tapani
Miss Ophelia: Alyssa Kobie, Understudy: Azure Grant
Miss Lucretia: Gracelyn Lovejoy, Understudy: Kalyssa L’Heureux
Gabby: Dexton Wilcox, Understudy: Lily Nollet
Gold Dust: Connor Helenius, Understudy: Sylas Jardine
Stinky Jones: Daniel Truchon, Understudy: Ian Laakkonen
Bobbie: Shaliyah Lovejoy
Andie: McKenna Coy
Gus Gizzard: Quinn Soltis
Horace Feathers: Leila Tuura
Larry: Jacob Nollet
Aunt Theodora: Maggie Ostrenga, Understudy: Maddie Purzner
Pete:Isaac Rantala
Bianca: Kiley Mueller, understudy: Chalee Luzzatto
Bobcat Larue: Peyton Jardine, Understudy: Carter Ray
Katy Lou: Austyn Lovejoy, Understudy: Erica Johnson
Towns People: Arwen Laakkonen, Alexe Bartick