New Teachers At South Shore

Austyn Lovejoy, Editor In Chief

On Tuesday September 3rd,  South Shore Schools’ Principal, Clendon Gustafson, welcomed the South Shore new staff with a school welcome assembly. The new staff members are: Sandra Szafranski (-Librarian), Erin Sullivan (-Education Achievement Specialist), Kathy Sorenson (-Library Aid), Jill Knaack (-Middle School Teacher), Kathy Irwin (-Art Teacher), Mikaela Franson (-History Teacher), and Patsy Benedict (-Business Education). Mr. Gustafson added that he had never, in all his years working at South Shore, seen this many new faces at the beginning of the school year. The school year is looking bright for the Cardinals, with so many new faces in the school. We are excited to see what this year brings and the students are excited to learn in new and exciting ways.