Technology Club Lends a Hand!


Jamie Glass, Sam Swanson, Alexis Crowley, Veda Dreher,Conner Helenius, & Kyla Smith

South Shore Technology Club members showed up at the Herbster Smelt Fry on Saturday, April 27 to help with handing out prizes and clearing tables.  They worked hard and were thanked several times by Herbster Community Club members who were impressed with their initiative and highly motivated work ethic.  They were also each recognized individually near the end of the event.

Jamie Glass – Staff Advisor
Sam Swanson – 6th grade
Alexis Crowley – 11th grade
Veda Dreher – 9th grade
Connor Helenius – 8th grade

Kyla Smith- 9th grade

Many thanks to the students and their parents for loaning us these hard workers!