State Fish Art Contest


Our South Shore second graders took 1-3rd place in Wisconsin (all of it!) for the State Fish Art Contest. Elijah Ciembronowicz got first for his watercolor of a cutthroat trout. Anna Lafontaine placed second with her watercolor of a muskellunge and Taylore Johnson’s watercolor of a steelhead trout placed third. Way to represent!

Earlier this year second graders participated in the State-Fish Art Contest sponsored by Wildlife Forever. This became a joint language arts/writing and art project. Mrs. Granke, their fabulous art teacher, worked with the studentsto prepare their painting entries.
Second graders learned a lot about water color techniques.Students used white crayon to create a wax resist around their fish

and the wet on wet “wash” technique to create the water. They also had the option to create different effects using epson salt,rubbing alcohol, and plastic wrap. Students used a few more watercolor techniques to paint the fish,rocks and weeds.
Ms. Hyde and Mrs. McKnight worked with the second graders to research and write a report about their fish. A few of the skills they learned were how to write a topic sentence, research and organize details, and write a closing. It was a fun project that highlighted students’ skills in art and writing!