Locura De Marzo


Spanish 2 students Lilly Tapani, Chloe Sipsas,Taylor Nicoletti, Jake Winge & Matt Montgomery

Myla Lahti, Technical Review Specialist

Throughout the month of March,  Spanish classes 1, 2, 3 & 4, along with 7th grade and the Spanish class from Butternut, competed in Locura de Marzo – “March Madness” as it is called by basketball fans.  Locura de Marzo is a tournament to select a champion among current popular Latin music videos. It is set up just like basketball tournaments.  The competition takes place on Señor Ashby’s website and includes a bracket of 16 songs which are selected by Señor Ashby. Who, you might ask, is Señor Ashby?  He is a Spanish teacher from Michigan who has developed a website with lots of fun songs, games and activities to make learning Spanish enjoyable for all.

Back to the story!  Two songs battled each day starting March 1st. We listened to the songs in class and voted on our favorite. This year, the different classes made their own bracket and at the end, whichever class selected the favorite in the nation won.  There were more than 30,000 voters most days. The main objectives for Locura de Marzo are to have a celebration of Hispanic culture and language, introduce us to new songs, encourage us to engage in the Hispanic way of life, and create excitement for language around the world.

This year Spanish 2 won the bracket. Their prize was preparing and eating Hispanic food, which they did with skill and gusto.  The class opted to make “Pan de Los Muertos” and fried ice cream, both of which were delicious!