A Nature Lesson


Are you interested in nature?  Jane, from the Cable Natural History Museum has been teaching us about nature and animals for many years.  This year, she has been teaching us about birds. She came for a visit on Tuesday, March 26th and taught us about birds’ nests.  

Jane taught us about the different kinds of nests that birds make.  They build nests in many places and the type of nest they build depends on their environment.  They use materials in their surroundings to create their nests. Nests come in many shapes and sizes. For example, an oven bird builds its nest on the ground and it looks like a pizza oven.

After Jane was done talking about birds’ nests, we got to make our own.  We had to use a pair of tweezers to gather our materials so we could experience how a bird uses its beak.  We used clay to build the base of our nest. We used the tweezers to pick up sticks, strips of birch bark, grass, sheep’s wool, paper wasp nest material, pine needles, and straw.  Shaping and building the nest with tweezers was challenging, but fun.

If your class gets an opportunity to work with Jane, you will love it and learn a lot.  The nests were fun to build and we hope we get to create more animal homes and habitats next year.